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After passing the bar in 2003, Jayson Marasigan was hired as an associate for a mid-sized full-service law firm based in Southern California. Mr. Marasigan left the firm in 2005, after being offered a partnership position at a firm based out of Laguna Hills, California. In 2018, Mr. Marasigan founded the Marasigan Law Practice. Throughout his career, Mr. Marasigan has represented clients in a host of diverse legal matters using his imaginative, innovative, and problem-solving approach to achieve his clients’ goals.

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Judgment of Contempt Against Defendant for Violating Permanent Injunction

In 2015, Jayson Q. Marasigan obtained a guilty verdict against a defendant who was violating a judgment (which Mr. Marasigan had previously secured) permanently prohibiting him and his company from violating his client’s trade name.  In obtaining the guilty verdict, Mr. Marasigan was able to prove that the defendant had violated the injunction “beyond a reasonable doubt” when he adopted a trade name that was confusingly similar to his client’s trade name.  The defendant also maintained metadata on his web site that violated the restraining order.  In finding the defendant guilty, the Judge found that the newly adopted trade name was a “contrivance” and that the defendant had intentionally adopted the trade name to perform an end-run around the prior judgment.

Defense Judgment in Defense of Claims Exceeding $13,000,000

In 2014, after a 6-week trial, Jayson Q. Marasigan represented a client against claims brought by a business partner.   The damages sought by the business partner were in excess of thirteen-million-dollars ($13,000,000), plus punitive damages.  A defense judgment for Mr. Marasigan’s client on all claims.  What is more, the Court awarded attorneys’ fees and costs in excess of three-hundred-thousand-dollars ($300,000) against the plaintiff.

Dismissal on Behalf of Shareholders

In 2014, the Jayson Q. Marasigan was successful in obtaining a dismissal of 20 individual clients named as defendants in a business litigation law-suit brought against them by an individual Plaintiff.  The plaintiff claimed, among other things, that in return for his accepting employment at a Company and sharing certain intellectual property and business contacts with the Company, the Company and its individual owners agreed to sell the Company to Plaintiff. Marasigan’s clients disputed the allegations and the attorneys vigorously defended the lawsuit. Marasigan Law Practice was able to obtain a dismissal of the lawsuit for its 20 clients.

Six-Figure Settlement of Business Fraud Dispute

In 2015, Jayson Q. Marasigan represented a client in a fraud dispute involving hundreds of thousands of dollars that were misappropriated by a former manager.  The former manager defended the case by alleging that she was a putative business partner and by raising her own claims for unpaid wages, among other things.  After significant discovery, including the forensic analysis of computers used by the former manager, Mr. Marasigan was able to secure a mid-six-figure settlement from the former manager on behalf of his client.

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